Future Data Integration Images

Currently, we negotiate with the relevant dedicated units of the Department of Higher Education for data import-related tasks.

At the same time, we implement data cleaning and cooperate with the Department of Information Technology to establish an information security maintenance and control mechanism.

With the gradually increasing data imported, we plan to become a national-level, integrated educational database combined with cross-domain and all levels of data that includes all aspects of students, teachers, school affairs, and policies.

By concatenating relevant data between departments of the Ministry of Education and the administrative data of other ministries, this national-level, integrated database can respond to various social policies, evaluate their effectiveness, and realize the current situation and challenges of development at all levels of education.

Phase of Primary and junior high school
  • Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students

  • Project for Implementation of Remedial Instruction

  • School Student Health Information System

  • Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement

  • ......

Phase of Senior and vocational high school
  • Basic information of students

  • High School Curriculum

  • Learning History Archives

  • Notification System for Dropouts and Special Education Students

  • Experimental Education and Self-Student Information Platform

  • Teacher training system

Phase of University
  • Entrance Exams and Admissions

  • Basic database of college students

  • School Affairs Database

  • International Exchange Student Information

  • Scholarship information

Phase of University
  • Graduate Destination Survey

  • Link employment and tax data

  • Teacher training database