Database Creation Process

2020:Planned and created the “National Education Research Data Archive” by the “Educational System and Policy Research Center” of NAER

2021:Publish the first research results using data form “ National Educational Research Data Archive ”

2022:The information security level is upgraded to A level to facilitate the long-term maintenance and operation of the database

The "Educational System and Policy Research Center" of the NAER established the database in 2020. We integrate educational administrative data at all levels across the country and create principles of data usage complying with the guidelines of information security regulations.

With data value-added application analysis, the core goal of the database is to assist the NAER in strengthening its think tank function, support the Ministry of Education in conducting relevant policy research, and provide a data basis for policy formulation. Accordingly, we can meet the target of "evidence-based decision-making."

The short-term goal is to settle the database's basic hardware facilities, establish information security and data usage fees, and import data from various sectors into NERDA.

The long-term goal is to use the database for analysis, cooperate with other units to achieve the purpose of value-added to the database, and provide results for policy application.